Unleashed Wrath

A sobering thought from Jonathan Edwards. Since what he says is controversial in today’s theological landscape, especially with things like universalism abounding, words like these are needed all the more in our day to remind us of the hard truths of God and every man’s desperate, desperate need of a Savior. Deuteronomy 9:7- “Remember, and … More Unleashed Wrath

The 6th Command

“Thou shalt not kill.” The scope of this command regards any act that unjustly takes innocent life, acts that do physical harm, and acts concerning other people’s temporal welfare. The positive force of this command is to act in ways that promote human welfare. This begins in the heart, out of our attitude toward life … More The 6th Command

Relief in God Alone

“When men had lost a spiritual acquaintance with the covenant of grace and mystery of the Gospel, the design of eternal love and efficacy of the blood of Christ, they betook themselves for relief, under their entanglements, to the broken cisterns mentioned. This mistake is predominant in all that are under the law; that is, … More Relief in God Alone

The Depths of Sin

Psalm 130:1 “Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord.” “Perplexed thoughtfulness about their great unkindness towards God, is another part of the depths of sin-entangled souls. So David complains, ‘I have remembered God, and was troubled.’ Psalm 77:3. How came the remembrance of God to be a matter of trouble to him? … More The Depths of Sin

Politics and Preaching

The relationship between the church and the state has been a topic of discussion and contention for centuries. Many books and treatises written by knowledgeable men have exhaustively touched on this issue, delineating the specifics of where the duties and limitations for each institution begins and ends. When one theologian will be concerned about the … More Politics and Preaching