1 Thessalonians 2

Paul gives more insight behind the evangelistic spirit by recalling his own manner of walk with the Thessalonian church. After reading this chapter and keeping in mind Galatians 6:12, there is stark contrast between true evangelism and false. In Galatians, the proselytes were only trying to make “a fair show in the flesh,” a zeal … More 1 Thessalonians 2

Evangelism: Part 5

Some may not look forward to evangelism because of the fear of men. But this is a joyous service, and the love to and from God will preserve the hearts of His servants from the promised onslaught of persecution and reviling when the evangelist goes out and does his work. This love of God that … More Evangelism: Part 5

Evangelism: Part 3

A notable characteristic of love in a believer is placing Christ within the central place of his heart so that all affections and actions are done with a view to honor Him. This centrality of love is made visible by an activity of respect that confirms that Jesus is truly the Lord of his life. … More Evangelism: Part 3

Evangelism: Part 2

Rev. William Van Peursem would have us know that true evangelism is a duty prescribed to true believers. Any writing or conversation regarding the motivations to evangelism is naturally going to be directed towards the true children whose duty it is to evangelize: “A discussion of breathing will never make a dead person breathe… A … More Evangelism: Part 2

Evangelism: Part 1

Small, conservative churches today generally are not known for their evangelistic fire, especially when compared to the larger, mainline churches. The mainstream, left-leaning denominations have built their entire spiritual and doctrinal infrastructure after sociological and commercial models designed specifically for bringing in the unchurched. So, it can be hard for a small church to “compete.” Yet, … More Evangelism: Part 1