2 Thessalonians 2

We are given an insight into the final days of the world. While many specifics are untold in this chapter, there are some insights that can be understood. Some would say that THE great apostasy is happening in the present time since we are in the last days, other say that it is a specific event or series of events yet to come. But in our day there certainly is an alarming measure of apostasy.

We see an increasing lawlessness and spirit of delusion that is causing people to believe what is antithetical to the gospel and continue to take pleasure in wickedness. By this I mean that since people openly and remorselessly live in opposition to the moral law of God, they are delusional to think that there is nothing wrong with this; in fact, they take pleasure in it and it is their joy in doing things that are opposed to God’s precepts.

These forces of deception are hard at work today, trying to break into church walls in order place the truth of Christ as merely one among many beliefs. Just so long as it is under the one who falsely exalts himself above all other religions. Some may see this “one” as pluralism or materialism, while they certainly have this spirit, I believe that this title is reserved for a specific person, and these ideologies and systems of thought are types or instruments used to help pave the way.

So, Paul exhorts us to stand firm and be in keeping with the spirit of what was said to the Colossians. His exhortation is also a reminder to put on the godly aspects of vigilance and sobriety so that these ideologies that are opposed to Christ do not creep into our hearts and minds.


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