Colossians 3

Unless people would be quick to free themselves from any manner of rule, seeing that they have been freed from the judgment and rules of men, Paul reminds them to live a life that is becoming of Christ.

Now that Christ is our life and He has freed us from these earthly things, we are to put off the earthly things that seek to ensnare us, which are the things that God’s wrath abides against, and are the things which Christ took upon His shoulders and mortified on the cross for us. It is unbecoming for a person who trusts in the sacrificial work of Christ to continue in the things for which He was sacrificed.

Rather, believers are to “seek those things which are above,” which is putting on the knowledge of God’s will by seeking wisdom and understanding in His word. Putting on fruitful work is characterized by patience, longsuffering, joy- and above all these- love, “which is the bond of perfectness.”

This putting on and putting off, bonded perfectly in true, godly love, has implications for all walks of life: to husbands, to wives, children, parents, employers, and employees. The source of these things is the peace and word of Christ ruling and dwelling in us richly. So, we are to remain in His Word with all prayer, humility, and thankfulness so that we may know His will and live a life worthy of the gospel.


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